About Me

My name is Anish Vadhavaniya and I’m a wordoholic. I’ve been writing since I was sixteen years old. On my best days I’m a blessed poet, on my worst I’m a reckless lover. But always, a phoenix.

I invite you to engage with my colourscapes, each one fleshed out with words that attempt to sate my emotional hunger. They are filled with images that bring out the light and the dark inside each of us. The intention for my blog is to create a portal of my written work, allowing others to engage with colours at a subliminal level, responding to the mood of the moment, and forming connections with the words contained within.

My words are driven out of me by my own experience of extreme pain, loss and joy. Ultimately, I’m an impulsive giver, an attention-seeker who is greedy for your affection, a lonely poet who wears his heart on his sleeve and who demands constant reassurance about his place in the world. I’m also thoughtful, generous and caring; reflective, enthusiastic and loving; compassionate, gentle and full of learning.

I’m fiercely protective of everyone and everything I love. I’m a man, a lover and a phoenix. Experience me through my words.